First Things First (Applications)

So i’m not a journalist, but i like to keep things around to remind me of where i’ve been. who knows maybe these accounts can later be put together as a book. maybe, maybe not. ya never know, so i’m gonna write like it’ll happen.

So… First things first. Filling out applications is the first part of any hiring process. The agency needs to know you are interested. They won’t call you and ask. So how do you find out if an agency is hiring? Ever heard of Google? That’s the best place to start. Something to the effect of “Police jobs in Georgia” should suffice. Once you find a couple of places near you that you’re interested in, go ahead and check out the sites. Most places have a preliminary questionnaire that they have you fill out and email/submit. If everything here looks good you’ll probably get an email letting you know what the next step is. When i started applying for jobs, i applied for a handful of agencies. Some i filled out the online questionnaires for and some i emailed directly to show interest. Many smaller agencies are usually looking for those who are already POST certified, so if you aren’t certified, you may not want to hold your breath about getting hired with them. Most larger agencies are looking for several people and will go through several hundreds of applications and pick the right ones to send to the academy to get certified. If you have no prior LE (law enforcement) experience, this may be a good place to start. Now i’m not an expert, just speaking from experience as i’ve just gone through this several months ago. I’ll use my experience with Dekalb County to show the progress because this is the agency I will be working with. After i filled out their online questionnaire, i received an email to schedule a date for the written and physical test. I had already started working out and preparing for this carer, so once i felt i was in good enough shape for the testing, i scheduled my dates and headed to their training facility. I also started working on the 30 something page background and history booklet they gave me. i had to have work history, driving history, criminal history (luckily i didn’t have any), drug use (again, didn’t have any) family info, residency for the past 7 years and tons of references. This packet was huge and took me weeks to finish, so don’t think you can just put it off till the day before. It has to be turned in when you go in for the first tests. You also need several copies and originals of the following (just to name a few): Birth cert, marriage cert, high school and college diplomas/transcripts, some sort of SAT or similar test scores, dd-214 if prior military and several more. All of this needs to be nice and organized and in a folder to keep it looking nice. I had to show up nice and early for the testing. i believe it started around 8 am. testing lasted till around 1 pm i believe. they start to weed out people here. i noticed they got rid of people before the testing started based on drug use (if it was done within a certain time in relation to the test date) and arrest and criminal history. Tattoos and driving history were not an issue, as long as there were no tats on the face, hands, neck or ears, and as long as your license had never been suspended or you didn’t have any DUI’s. i think that too many tickets may be an issue as well. I had 3 within the past 5 years and i was okayed. so just be careful. the test was a standard type of a test with about 300 or so questions. won’t get too much into that as they like to keep it confidential. easy enough though. afterwards i participated in their physical test. it consisted of (for my age-24 and male) a bend and reach, at least 21 pushups and 24 sit-ups in a minute, a short obstacle course that has to be done in under 16 seconds. The course is laid out as follows: start with a 10 yd run, dive under a barrier, run to a 150? lb dummy pull for about 15 feet, sprint and hurdle a 4 ft chain link fence, and then sprint 20 feet to the finish line. easy enough if you hustle and don’t fall going over the fence. wear long pants as i scraped my leg up pretty bad from my ankle to the knee cap. not a pretty sight, but worth it now. after this you go for a 440 yd run which is basically one lap around the track. the time to beat is 1:20. and i mean 1:20. the first time i ran i ran it in 1:21. i did not pass and had to come back two weeks later to do it all again (minus the written test). i might add though, that all of the members of the department that were there were HIGHLY supportive and encouraging. This alone persuaded me to pursue the Dekalb County PD full on, and not concern myself with any other departments. when i came back to test my results were:

42 pushups

43 situps

15 s obstacle course

1:11 run

all i can say is to prepare for this, do pushups everyday till you can’t, and run sprints. i did 4 25 yd sprints without stopping. rested for 1:20 and then did it again. rested and did it again. do this twice a week and then run long distances with sprints in between on 2 or 3 of the other days. this helped me in two weeks time drop my lap time 10 seconds. which is a very big deal when you are dealing with a pass or fail. so trust me….

that’s pretty much all there was to that. then its a waiting game till you hear back from the Background and Recruiting Office to schedule an Interview. That’s the next post. Over and out.


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